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“We met Henry at the annual Strab festival in May 2014 and knew that this is someone that we would want to do business with.
Not only was the ceremony set with the most romantic lighting and sweet melodies, but the reception rocked the house, from the latest club anthems to the soothing sounds of Jamie Cullum. The DJ was nothing short of fantastic."
Gary & Sue
"My husband and I come from two different families, mine is conservative, and his is eccentric.
We needed a DJ that could provide the perfect balance, Henry and his team from WDP was the best choice that we made. When I saw my in-laws dancing hand-in-hand to John Legend and my parents jumping to LMFAO, I knew that the night was a huge success. I have since referred Henry and his team to all my friends."
Tshepo & Sanele
"After saving up for many years my best friend and I decided to get hitched.
We had a great budget to work with but did not know where to start. A friend referred us to We opted for a platinum package which made way for a few custom additions to our big day. Henry met us at the venue to advise on exactly what would work and how we can ensure that every guest had an unforgettable evening. We had everything, from custom photo projections to bubbles and even fairy lights. Henry and his team set up and cleared out without a hitch. The DJ’s know what they are doing."
Karin & Johan

"When my wife told me I am in charge of music I was ready to grab my iPod and docking station, and borrow some speakers from a mate.
This was not part of her planning. I remembered that I met Henry at a few shows at Café Barcelona before and decided to look him up. His prices are very affordable and my wife was so impressed that we came in under budget. I have never seen so many people have so much fun. I would get married all over again, just to have another great party."
Sylvia & Peter
"I would like to thank Henry for the terrific tracks he mixed at our wedding last year.
I met him at one of our corporate retreats, took his card and kept it for my special day. When the day came I phoned him up and he was very helpful. We did not have a big budget for music and Henry made it all possible, we opted for the silver package for our reception and it was nothing short of sensational. Everyone was dancing; even the staff couldn’t keep their feet still. To this day my friends and I still talk about that epic night."
Gavin & Jackie